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For industrial enterprises we offer the following types of vacuum tumblers:

Typ B – horizontal rotating container with one opening
Typ C – horizontale rotating container with two openings
Typ R – lift and tilt device with cone

The industrial machines are produced in three different ways in order to be able to offer every enterprise a machine corresponding to their own product and the production process.


The Henneken brine mixer HVM works by the Venturi-system. This feature supports a fast and very homogenous mixture of fluids, powdery substances and ice in water. The HVM is standardly on stock in the sizes 400 liters, 650 liters, 1000 liters and 2000 liters.

All sizes can be equipped with a double jacket cooling if desired. The substance to be mixed in is entered into the loading system and is automatically sucked in and mixed without any lumping.


The steaker which is designed for the industry is very high-powered and sturdy. It captivates by its solid construction and is equipped with pneumatically springed rollers that adapt perfectly to any product size.

The Henneken roller steaker has got a band width of 500 mm and can be equipped with knife rolls of each 46 or alternatively 65 knives per roll. By the use of different types of knives built of especially hardened steel a wide range of products can be processed.

the industries we serve

The technologies we provide are mainly for the food industry, focused on meat based products.We can also serve diary, vegetable and fruit based products industries.

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